How we work

Our representative, stationed in the United Kingdom goes around and personally inspects the cars, and only upon fulfilling our criteria, will we purchase the vehicle. The following methodology is used to establish the quality and condition of the car:

  • Personal Inspection
  • Test Drive
  • Checking the Service History
  • Checking if the car has a history of accidents, and the grade of such accidents.
  • Checks as regards possible hypotecs or loans pending on the car.
  • Making sure the car is not stolen.

Buying a car from abroad without personal inspection is very risky. There are possibilities of hidden damages, such as scratches and wheel damage which are not apparent in photos. Our system makes sure that a quality product is delivered, without any ugly surprises.

Our representative is present in the loading of the car, and transport is insured, hence any damages are covered. Unloading of the cars is also done personally, to ensure that the car is delivered in impeccable condition.

What’s next:
On arrival, our fully equipped crew of professionals jack the car for a tougher and thorough inspection. The underside and engine are cleaned, whilst the upholstery is refined with dry cleaning and specialised products.

We cleanse the paintwork, polish the car, and check for scratches and dents, providing for a top notch presentation, as though brand new. To complement, a new set of alloy wheels and tyres are brought in if necessary.

Hence on delivery, our customer will be graced with a thoroughly inspected, restored and serviced car, with great value for money.

We are so confident in our team’s expertise, that a 6 month warranty comes with the car. It does not include the wear & tear parts and the electronic equipment, however if any problem crops up which skipped the notice of our inspection, we provide for a free repair. Our philosophy dictates that the most effective advertising is the satisfaction of a client, who will subsequently spread good word about our business.

A small gift will be awarded to every previous client whose encouragement leads to a new client who purchases a car from us, as a token of appreciation.

Another service of ours is offering to look out for a particular car model our client desires, particularly when said preferred model is not much in market demand, even if it is a particular model seen on the internet. After holding a meeting, and giving one a general guidance, we are able to send our representative over to inspect the car. Our representative will then report the condition of the vehicle, and if the client is satisfied, we can procure the car using our standard operating procedures in inspecting, testing and cleaning. At a reasonable charge, one can have his mind at ease that an experienced group of professionals will be making sure that the client will be satisfied.

Unlike other endeavours, we DO NOT buy cars off a photo, but personally inspect, and test drive them, making sure that our customers will not be disappointed with their purchase, saving them the hassle and expense of going abroad themselves. It is a practice which saves you money, yet at the same time, ensures deliverance of superior quality